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Spinal movements

Spine health is essential for healthy movement experience and for keeping our bodies and minds happy.

In this video you'll find 3 movements that: extend and flex the spine, stretch the spine laterally and twist the spine.

Make sure to read the text below before you stretch! ⬇ Avoid these movements in case of pain or injury in the area!

Always use caution when you practice stretches online. It's important to listen to the boundaries of your body. Start slow and easy, and only after a few breaths decide if you want to deepen the movements or rather take a step back.

  • When flexing and extending your spine, only take the neck with you if there's no tension in the area. If there is, keep looking forward instead of moving the neck.

  • When stretching laterally, instead of stretching your arm over the ear, you can also bring the hand to your hip, shoulder, or behind your head. Which one feels the best in your body?

  • When twisting, make sure to keep lengthening your spine and keep your shoulders down.

Thanks to Francis Meijners of met Francis for the video and production 🙏

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