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Relaxation Sessions

What are Relaxation Sessions?

Relaxation Sessions are aimed at finding out what is the best way for you to relax. 


We all have different lifestyles and personalities. What works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for the other. For some of us, lying down in stillness when we are feeling stressed and are in need of relaxation is simply impossible. For others, we may first turn to the breath, movements and stretches before we can allow relaxation in our mind and body.

Relaxation Sessions are about what works for you in different circumstances. Taking into account that your capacity for relaxation is dependent on how you are feeling at the present moment. We will work together to explore different relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, gentle stretches and movements to find what tools you can take with you to find more calmness in your everyday life.  


60 minutes sessions are €50; 90 minutes sessions are €70. I believe that everyone deserves the experience of exploring relaxation in their mind and body. Lower funds shouldn't hold you back, so get in touch and we'll find an affordable arrangement.  

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