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About me

Hi, I’m Shimi, an experienced yoga teacher based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

My background includes an MSc in human resource management, a professional background in health-care research and project management. In other words, I personally understand that jobs that require us to sit for long hours (in front of a computer screen, with the phone, in the car...) encourage a busy mind in a still body and how important it is to counteract this state. 

The practice of yoga offers just that: move your body and slow down your mind. Take a break from (over)thinking by breathing with awareness and moving with intention. 

In early 2017, after practicing yoga and experiencing its benefits for many years, I decided to follow a Yoga Teacher Training, so I can share my love of yoga through teaching. The more teaching experience I gained, the more I wanted to know. Therefore, after my initial training, I continuously followed workshops and educational programs to deepen my knowledge of the human body, the mind and the connection between them. 

In 2021 I discovered Yoga Therapy and immediately felt a strong connection. Yoga Therapy educational programs are very comprehensive and include, along with rich theory, practice under the supervision of an experienced yoga therapist. My extensive experience and education equipped me with many tools for exploration of the physical, mental and emotional and the union (=yoga) between them.  

For me, practicing yoga is about awareness and acceptance. I believe that yoga helps quiet down the mind and when the head is less busy, we can start recognizing what the body is trying to tell us and start learning how to listen to ourselves. For others it may be about balance, grounding, relaxation, inner peace... And for you?

I am currently offering Yoga Therapy and private yoga sessions, group classes, and company yoga.


Feel welcome to contact me for more information about my yoga sessions, any questions, or just to say namaste ✨

Utrecht Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist
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