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Privacy Statement

What is a privacy statement?

In Europe, the AVG or GDPR will commence on 25 May 2018. This law protects users on the internet. The goal is better protection of users’ privacy. Which data are collected? What is shared and with whom? And how long are data stored? Websites are now obliged to disclose all of this, in a privacy statement: a summary of what is done with your data.


What data does Yoga with Shimi collect?

I use Google Analytics on my website. This way I can see which pages are being viewed, for example. Who you are cannot be traced through this.

What happens if I use the contact form?

I will receive your name and e-mail address. In fact, it’s exactly what will happen when you send me an e-mail via That way I can send you an answer within two working days. I will not put you on a mailing list and will not forward your contact details. As with all standard email services, your emails are automatically stored in my inbox. If you prefer I don’t keep your e-mails, let me know and I will delete your data.

What data do you collect when we start working together?

When you start taking yoga lessons, we usually exchange phone numbers. This way we can stay in touch to schedule lessons, or in case of last minute changes. Text and WhatsApp messages are automatically stored on my phone. If you prefer these are not stored, just let me know and I will delete yours from my phone.

Who else has access to your / my data?

No one else but me has access to these data.

Who can I contact with questions about this statement? 

Yoga with Shimi is a one-person operation. I am responsible for a clear privacy statement and to make sure your data is handled with care. If something is unclear or if you have questions about anything, please contact me.

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