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Heal with Supported Bridge pose - no yoga props needed!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

"Yoga is for everybody" isn't just a saying.

This mini-guide for the restorative Supported Bridge pose only makes use of items that can be commonly found in the house, no yoga mat and everyday clothes.

Supported Bridge is considered a healing pose. Some of its benefits are:

* Tension relief in the lower-back area, especially helpful if you sit for long hours * Encourages deep breathing, as it opens the chest and lungs area

* As a mild back bend, this pose counters the position we commonly live in (typing, texting, driving, cycling...)

* Promotes relaxation and anxiety-relieve, since we position the heart higher than the head

* Activates the heart and throat chakras, helping to stay close to one's true self and find one's own voice

** Avoid practicing this pose in cases of knee or neck injuries. Be aware - this pose encourages blood flow towards the head, if you have any issues around the area, like eye- or mouth-related conditions, as well as high blood pressure, it is best to avoid this pose.

If you find it challenging to relax the mind during the pose, you can count your breaths, use the time for your meditation practice, play music that you enjoy, or engage in thinking without feeling guilty 😉

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