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Welcome to Yoga with Shimi

Do you sometimes feel like you simply cannot stop thinking? Do you recognize the feeling of a mind that goes full speed while your body is still?


Traditionally, yoga is meant to help us prepare for meditation by slowing down our thoughts. It can also be seen as a type of moving meditation, where the mind is focused on our breath and body. When this happens, we are in the present moment rather than in our past memories or future plans.

Practicing yoga means practicing experiencing the present moment. It does not only strengthen the body and improve flexibility, but also has benefits for our emotional and mental well-being.   

Is yoga for you? The answer is simple – yes, yoga is for everyone! Poses are adjustable to different people with different bodies. Every yoga class feels different, because our needs are changing daily. Yoga simply helps you discover what your body needs.

If you think that the tools of yoga might be of help in your life, or would like to give it a try, do not hesitate to contact me!  *


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one on one


"Shimi is an excellent yoga teacher and I couldn't have asked for someone better. I started yoga with her after I moved to Utrecht and was hooked to yoga after the first class. Not only is she an excellent yoga practitioner, she is also a wonderful teacher, instilling love for yoga in her students with her skill, passion and compassion. I have always been encouraged by her calm assurance & find her teaching methods motivating.


The classes have always been enjoyable and have provided an opportunity for physical and mental development through individual attention. She is a highly skilled, perceptive & empathetic teacher, a fine person with a wonderful sense of humour and I would totally recommend her to anyone who is interested to learn and practice yoga as a way of life."

Satabdi Lahiri 


"Before having a yoga class with Shimi, I was thinking that yoga is all about difficult postures and high spiritual state of mind. I had doubts, maybe I am not flexible enough for that. The first thing Shimi taught me about yoga, is that it is actually about self-acceptance. She has a person-centered approach, she is giving you poses for your level of fitness and your needs. She is also helping you with special postures that you need


emotionally/mentally, for example power poses before a challenging presentation or slow mindful practice when you have a stressful period. If needed she corrects your postures and gives explanations about its effects. With Shimi you'll experience your development in a caring and mindful environment. I am thankful for her opening the world of yoga for me, and recommend her to everyone with all my heart!"

V. F.


"I have had both one-on-one and group sessions and I can unequivocally state Shimi is the best! She really pays attention to your posture and makes sure you're aligned with what your body needs. 

My one-on-one was an outdoor park session. Shimi not only makes it fun, with her humorous nature, but she really knows how to connect your body and mind to nature."

B. A.

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