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What is momoyoga? Or how do I reserve a spot?

Momoyoga is an online reservation system. When you click "reserve a spot" the House of Online Yoga page on momoyoga will open. On the top right corner you will be able to change the language if you wish. If you already have a momoyoga account from practicing with another teacher/studio, you can log in with the same email address and password and choose "House of Online Yoga" after you are logged in. If you don't already have an account, you will need to create an account via the "Click to register" option and then you can purchase the class card which suits you and reserve a spot.     

What is Vinyasa?

Vinyasa is an active form of yoga practice. Yoga poses practiced in a flow. You could think about it as a short dance. In my lessons, I always like to work on strength and flexibility to allow the body complete relaxation in the end of the lesson.

Why online?

Vinyasa is an active form of yoga practice. We move, we sweat and, most importantly, we breathe together. For the time being, due to COVID-19, it seems safer to many to practice Vinyasa at home.

Even when we go back to life as we known before COVID-19, online classes are still a good solution. For a rainy or a busy day, or for when you simply don't feel like getting out of the house for any reason, but also don't want to skip your yoga practice.   

Not your thing? I completely understand! Hopefully you can join me for classes in Utrecht!

Can I join from anywhere in the world? 

Absolutely. As long as the time suits you (and you have an internet connection), you can join from anywhere! Do keep in mind that lesson times are noted according to CEST, check if the time works for you!  

What if I'm a beginner?

First of all, I'm really happy that you decided to give yoga a chance! The lessons are meant for all levels and I offer variations according to your needs. It's always good to let me know if you're a beginner, so I can keep this in mind during our practice.

What level are the lessons?

The lessons are meant for all levels. I offer variations according to your needs that day.


How does it work?

I like to work with a theme for each week's practice. This means that on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of the same week, we practice a similar flow. This allows you to practice some poses by yourself in between lessons and find out how poses feel in your own body. It also means that you get to know the flow of the week and ask questions about certain poses, which some students find is useful for their practice.

45 minutes before class starts, you will receive an email with a link to join the online lesson. Please make sure to join a few minutes before the lesson starts, so I can let you into the video lesson without interrupting the rest of the class. The email will also inform you if you need to prepare any props. No props? No worries! (read on below in "What do I need to prepare for the practice?").

What do I need to prepare for the practice?

We practice online using Zoom. If you are joining with a laptop, you simply need to click on the link you'll receive by email. If you are using your phone, you will need to install the Zoom app.

For your practice, please make sure to wear comfortable clothes that do not limit your movement. For the safety of your practice, it's preferable to practice on a yoga or a fitness mat. Sometimes, I will suggest using a yoga prop (block, belt, cushion, blanket, etc.) in a pose. It's always possible to use whatever you have at home (for example, a scarf can replace a yoga belt in most cases), or to practice the version of the pose that doesn't require props! 

How much does it cost?

Prices can be found here!

How do I pay?

You pay online via iDeal, PayPal or credit card. 

How many people can join a lesson?

I set a maximum of 12 devices per lesson for the more active classes and 20 for the more relaxed classes. If you are practicing together from the same physical location, using the same device, it still counts as one. So encourage family and friends to join you!  

What if I registered for a class but need to cancel? 

 If you need to cancel, please make sure cancel the class via the reservation system up to 2 hours before class starts. This way, your spot can go to someone else if there's a wait list.  

Can I request a pose? Can I ask something about my practice?

Yes and yes! I can't promise that I'll incorporate your requested poses into the lesson. This because some poses are safer to practice with your instructor present in the room. But I'll do my best to do so when possible and give some tips you can try in your practice.

Can I give a yoga lesson as a gift to someone else? 

Yes! Send me an email to and let me know which lesson/s you would like to book as a gift, to which email address I should send the class link and the name of your loved one ❤

Can I ask a different question?

Always! Contact me right here *

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