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10 Keys to Happier Living (Online Group)

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A few weeks ago, a beautiful opportunity came my way: to co-host a group focused on exploring happiness in our daily lives.

My friend and colleague, Coach & Trainer Natália Leal, has been following the work of UK-based network Action for Happiness for quite a while now. Having been forced to change a lot of in-person activities to online ones like most other organizations during this pandemic period, Action for Happiness is now also facilitating online groups. 

This offered us an opportunity to start an online group on putting the "10 Keys to Happier Living" book advice into practice - more about this project here.

So, for the next 3rd Wednesdays of the coming months, you are welcome to join us for a 90 minute session to get together, explore the 10 Keys (life lessons from the science of happiness) and support each other in putting them into action. We will start with 'Optimistic October', on 21 October, at 16:30 Amsterdam time. All sessions will be in English and are free!

Upcoming sessions:

FRIENDLY FEBRUARY, Wednesday, 17 February 2021, 16:30 Amsterdam time

MARCH, Wednesday,  17 March 2021, 16:30 Amsterdam time 

Previous sessions :

HAPPIER JANUARY, Wednesday, 20 January 2021, 16:30 Amsterdam time

DO GOOD DECEMBER, Wednesday, 16 Dec 2020, 16:30 Amsterdam time

NEW THINGS NOVEMBER, Wednesday, 18 Nov 2020, 16:30 Amsterdam time

OPTIMISTIC OCTOBER, Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020, 16:30 Amsterdam time

There are some great sessions coming up each month (at least until December, hopefully beyond) in line with Action for Happiness popular action calendar, so sign up below to get involved. Do invite friends in your area along if you think they’d enjoy it too! Let's explore together how to increase our well-being and live a happier life.


* Please make sure to select group 'GRP99 (Utrecht)'

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